Trigg Road - Huapai 2010

Set amongst the existing landscaped grounds developed over many years by the owner, this renovation of a small single-storey 3 bedroom bungalow into this distinctive country residence was achieved by a highly skilled team of craftsmen in conjunction with a very hands-on owner who has tackled many of the finishing tasks herself, including the colour schemes, wallpapering and decorating.

The result after many hours of tirelessly reinstating the planting and lawns close to the house that were unavoidably sacrificed during the construction period is a distinctive country residence that looks as though it has been a part of the site for sixty years or so.

Working to maximise the clients views of the gardens and keeping in mind the practicalities of the property being on a working farm, a complete redesign of the living spaces was carried out giving full voice to the owners individuality & personality while acknowledging the history of the house, examples of which are evidenced in the vibrantly coloured kitchen and the matching of the tawa flooring wherein the story of this property is to be read by succeeding generations, for this is a house built with an historic flavour and a long-term view to the future.

It most likely would have been so much easier for all involved to simply remove the original house from the site and start over with a clean sheet of paper. But that’s not the way these clients think. There is a history in this house for the owners and a deep-seated personal attachment that can’t be discarded quite so simply. Anyone can take the easy way out, but it takes guts and determination to tackle a project like this and the result is one of total satisfaction and pride by everyone brave enough to take it on.