Awa Road - Auckland Category Winner & National Winner 2010

Category Winner & Gold FinalThis house was a much dreamed about (and long saved for) project for us. We made a decision pretty early on in our marriage to try to live on some land and we wanted our kids to have a pretty 'old fashioned' lifestyle with lots of wide open spaces. We lived in a little cottage for 7 years while we planned this house so it was amazing to see you and your team of guys turn all the dreaming and planning into reality.

It was really important that this was a house that worked for us because we want to live here for a very long time. We needed a house that could accomodate the way we work as a family, we wanted a real kiwi home, and it had to look good on our land. You have given us exactly that - as I said this morning there is nothing that I would change given the chance again.

National Winner FinalWe know it was a tricky house to build (something that as total newbies to building we had no idea about when we set out) and that is why we were so glad that you could bring all your experience and professionalism to the job. The guys who built this house were a great team - we loved the way they welcomed us and especially the kids to the project as that helped it feel more like home before we even got into it. We joked about your 'bucket list' last night and I was thinking this morning that you have really helped us achieve one of the big items on our bucket list.

So thanks heaps and congratulations it was great to experience this win with you.